Podcast hosting services are essential tools for podcasters. Nowadays, Podcast Hosting Platforms do much more than just store audio files. Your success with podcasts depends on how well you distribute it, market it, collect analytics, and grow it. All of these are essential for a successful podcast. As a podcaster, you may think that you have to pay a premium to access such a toolbox. It is a fact that there are plenty of free podcast hosts out there, so you do not have to make a financial commitment.

How does a podcast work?

The podcast is a platform for storing and distributing podcast recordings, distributing them to podcast directories, and delivering podcasts to listeners. A podcast hosting platform connects podcast creators with podcast directories they wish to appear on.

The goal of growing your podcast is

In today's world, podcast hosts do much more than just store and distribute your podcast. They come with a variety of features designed to help you grow your podcast.

Free podcast hosting services

There are several free platforms you can use to host a podcast. Here are some of the best podcast hosting platforms available.


Disctopia is the best music platform that provides music, podcasting, and streaming services. You can relish the pleasure of music taste and some other conditions of enjoyment on this platform. For easy interface, our plan is in different formats: Basic, Creative, Creative+, and Agency. With this excellent, and multipurpose app, you have a splendid opportunity to make your carrier, and the possibilities are abundant. If you are looking for the best podcast platform, you are at the right place. Disctopia plans to provide an autonomous music platform to our worldwide fans and clients for a better experience.


The best podcast service provider in the market Podbean provides unlimited offers for podcast hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth. It even contains attractive design tools to host your website with customizable themes. You can also easily implant the Podbean podcast player directly into your WordPress pages and posts. They also have podcast advertising instruments that automatically introduce your episodes to all top podcast directories. It authorizes your audience to utilize their best tools to listen to and download podcasts. A podcaster can also monetize its content with Podbean's advertising marketplace. A huge community of podcasters already use Podbean as a podcasting platform.


Anchor is completely free like other platforms. Podcasting has never been more accessible to beginners than Anchor. Anchor is a Spotify company with a lot to offer to podcasters of all levels. In addition to being able to distribute to platforms like Spotify, you also get unlimited hosting, podcast advertising tools, and more. The anchor podcast platform followed Spotify's launch of video podcasts. The Anchor partnership with Riverside allows you to seamlessly record on Riverside and publish to Spotify directly from the anchor.


The powerful podcasting tool that lets you edit, record, and publish your podcast all in one place is Podomatic. The company even supplies participants for a wide variety of social networks and your website.

There exist two methods to monetize your podcast on a free Podomatic program. First, you can get sponsorships via the Podcorn program. You can even assemble a merch store using What for Apparel, a Podomatic assistant that uses POD technology to deliver creations like T-shirts and mugs straight to your listeners.


Buzzsprout is one of the most senior and reputable names in podcast hosting. Its primary draw is automated file optimization and transformation. This makes it feasible to plug almost any file type into the Buzzsprout software and pivot it into a high-quality podcast. Another cause why Buzzsprout is on this index of the best complimentary podcast hosting is the availability of integrations. You can connect Buzzsprout with popular tools, including WordPress and advanced analytics tools. Buzzsprout also presents a wide range of monetization opportunities that include advertisement, sponsorships, and the ability to accept contributions.


Spreaker is a high-quality podcast broadcaster with a plethora of advanced components, including episode scheduling and the power to host live podcasts. It is also the superior podcast broadcaster on this list that lets you host numerous podcasts on one account. However, the free program of Spreaker accomplishes arrive with some pretty stringent limitations. You can hold up to ten episodes or five hours of content at one time. It is fine for a limited-run podcast, though if you want your podcast to run for a long time, you will demand to include a plan for monetization and driving to a paid tier.

Wrapping up

If you want to launch new podcast services for your business, you can choose the best free podcast hosting that meets your needs and your goals. Disctopia is the best Podcasting hosting Platform for both free and paid.