The term stream meaning is a continuous process of transmitting audio or video files directly from a server to the clients. So, when someone watches a program online either it is live or on-demand, this process is known as streaming. Simply watching or listening to the media using the internet is called streaming. Most common examples of streaming are watching videos on Disctopia, and YouTube, and listening to podcasts on Spotify or any Amazon series. Stream Podcasts Online is one section of the streaming process. In this post, Disctopia shares information about the easy ways to make a streaming podcast online. 

About Podcast:

A Podcast is a combination of two different words. The words are iPod and Broadcast. Podcasting starts as a platform for presenting personal views and building a community that has similar thought processes. Generally, podcasts divide into three types, but you can differentiate according to your interests. Important of them are as follows;

  • Interview Podcast
  • Conversational or Co-hosted Podcast
  • Educational Podcast and 

Some more are according to interests;

  • Solo Podcast
  • Non-Fiction Storytelling, news, etc.
  • Podcast Theater platform

Features of Streaming:

Some analysts compare streaming and downloading, which platform is better for listeners. while analyzing the data shows each floor has its features. Both have some advantages and disadvantages to each other. Mainly, two types of differences are;

  • A streaming podcast does not consume your device’s personal space
  • You have an internet connection for streaming the podcast

However, steaming has some limitations, when you want to listen to your favorite podcast, and the net is not working smoothly, your entertainment will be compromised. So to avoid such situations, you need to download. 

The Safety of Streaming:

It is true that downloading a video is a risk for your device. The security of the device could compromise. On the other side, Stream Podcasts Online is safe, and your system could not be a victim of virus or malware hijacking. Although the data that might consume is the same, the security with streaming is obviously more. 

For a Podcaster, How is Streaming Better for Their Listeners:

A podcast platform works like an analyst for a podcaster. The platform must have real-time data on how a podcaster’s performance is working. Necessary points to note down for podcasters are as follows; 

  • Are your listeners playing the entire show?
  • Are they focusing on particular points?
  • For which part of the show; your listeners are showing interest?
  • How much time do viewers give to your show?
  • The average time for watching podcasts?

The above-given questions have an answer while Streaming Podcasts Online rather than offline. So, it is a common point to get all answers that your podcast should stream by your viewer rather than downloaded. 

A podcaster must notice that allowing a podcast to download makes it convenient for listeners. Downloading the podcast also shows loyalty towards your work and helps you to get inspiration. One of the best ways would be Stream Podcasts Online and allow your listed listeners to download them if they want. So, Disctopia is sharing strategies and tips on how to promote your podcast online.

Leverage Your Guest’s Audience:

In the interview, the podcast format uses the trick to catch your guest’s audience. Try to make such efforts and changes in your podcast so that your guest can share the full episode or footage with its loyal followers. Famous guests have huge fan following has over 1 million Facebook fans. Make pull quotes, images, links, prewritten tweets, etc, so that your guests can share easily.

Promote on Social Media in Different Ways:

A podcaster has so many options on social media and other internet platforms for promotion. You can use either of them Disctopia, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or other Podcast Listening Apps. Share rich media, soundbites, videos, images, teasers, and evergreens like anything you can think of because social networks have so many facilities and tools for the creative and entertaining mind.

For beginners, share an update for when the first episode goes live. Then keep it shared on available platforms. Pin your episode on a social media platform like tweeter with iTunes URL. Create quotes or images and share them. Make 15-second Sound bites or clips and upload them on social media or podcast listening apps. Tease the next episode 24 hours before the release. Share the podcast multiple times and on multiple platforms. Talk about interesting facts or incidents behind the shooting camera.

Release at Least 3 to 5 Episodes on the Launch Day:

Podcasters received negative reviews from people who had listened to the first episode and not found more than one. In study reports, it is concluded that at least three episodes are to have at the launch ceremony. We can say the more the merrier. New bees notice the fact and assumptions that a minimum of three episodes for the launch ceremony and two for the following two weeks. Try to make your audience before the launch. 

Convert the Audio to a YouTube Video:

Disctopia is a famous Podcast Listening App. You can recreate it in as many ways as possible. Some companies do neat things, mixing live videos with live podcast interviews. We are keen to promote every episode in a creative way. Adding those SEO-friendly features and taking benefits. If a show helps us rank a bit for long-tail terms in Google, we are also excited to have a youtube version. For converting audio to video, a podcaster can choose a variety of different tools.


We have discussed the podcast and streaming of a podcast online. We have gone through many steps from begging to the conclusion like how streaming is better and safe, tips for podcasts and beginners, and promotion strategies. we have also discussed how a beginner should start podcasting. The tips are helpful not only for beginners but also for older who are struggling to find a successful way. Disctopia is a streaming platform for creative minds.